About Me

Sometimes I feel that I sleepwalk through (my very happy) life, with my days merging into each other and my time spent reacting to events rather than consciously creating my reality. This website is my personal journey to piece together what a life well-lived looks like.

It’s also a way to put to use, and share the benefits of, my greatest pleasure in life: reading. I have devoured books for as long as I can remember, hungrily and relentlessly. When I was a child I would lock myself in the loo to avoid being disturbed, and I read so quickly that my mother would always exclaim that I couldn’t possibly be reading properly!

To me books are the ultimate ‘life-hack’ – they’ve taught me how to care for a newborn (kind of), to start and run a business, and they’ve introduced me to life-changing concepts from neuroplasticity and quantum physics to the insane effects of Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat on my food.

Life is short, and I could never have worked out for myself the wisdom that I have greedily imbibed from the masters. Reading has helped me to grow as a person and to clarify my purpose in life beyond what I could have imagined possible. Tony Robbins says: “The most powerful way I’ve learned to compress time is to learn through other people’s experience. We can never truly master time as long as our primary strategy for learning and mastering our world is based upon trial and error.” I agree.

I realise that my capacity for reading is slightly abnormal (or so my friends tell me) and so Healthy, Wealthy & Wise is my way to pay it forward and to share more widely what I’ve absorbed. My other great love is to distil and synthesize information and to disseminate it. I adore making connections between information and ideas. I find that I’ve used this skill over and over in my life, from my Masters degree in History to my career as a stockbroker, and in building my womenswear brand, Madderson London.

This site is a passion project, and a chance to synthesize all the information in my head for myself as well as anyone who chooses to dip in. The title is borrowed from an old proverb and summarizes the life I intend to live:

HEALTHY – a life that is not just illness-free, but thriving, my mind and body nourished in the way that they deserve to be, and living in a way that is kind to and in sync with our beautiful planet

WEALTHY – a life of abundance and richness of human experience and connection, of freedom and love. We all owe ourselves the chance to achieve our full potential and to have a career that aligns with our purpose

WISE – a life that fulfils us spiritually and allows us to connect with our highest and best self, amidst the noise and mind-pollution that is modern life

I hope you enjoy browsing HWW,