This page tells you what I am up to right now. It’s the cool brainchild of Derek Sivers. Thank you for the suggestion Derek! Check out for other inspiring Now pages!

I’m currently building up my Healthy, Wealthy and Wise blog, and it’s incredible how much I’m enjoying it. Finally my insane amounts of reading and consumption of information have an outlet!!!

I’m also working on my womenswear brand Madderson London. For a long time we’ve wrestled with the conflict of bringing more clothes into the world, no matter how ‘sustainable’ we are. We’ve hit on a new format for Autumn/Winter 2019 which we hope will address this: aside from a small capsule collection available immediately, most of our styles will be made to order. This will give our customer the freedom to choose her style, colour and size without worrying that it will be out of stock. Think of it as a candy store! For us, it allows us to know that we are not needlessly putting more clothes into the system and it breaks the endless, painful fashion cycle of guesswork, discounting and landfill that occurs when brands make the wrong styles or sizes.

I’m on a journey with functional medicine, in which I am a fervent believer. I’m hopeful and excited to see the good it will do for my health after decades of my normalising the low-grade, chronic, pesky health issues from which I suffer.

To this end, I’m 2 months into a new dietary protocol with my functional doctor which aims to rebuild my gut, lower my inflammation levels and reverse what looked to be very early-stage auto-immune problems. It’s been a journey but I really believe I’m setting myself up for life.

We’re living in West London and my kids are just about to break up for the summer. I can’t wait for long lazy days, our family vacation, and no alarm clock for 6 weeks.

We’re watching The Truth About the Harry Quebert on Netflix (Patrick Dempsey is looking strong) and I’m downloading 3 Women and City of Girls for my holiday.

Updated on 11th July 2019