Why I’ve found myself obsessed by soil

We are getting sicker, and our planet is getting sicker. This is a double crisis for mankind but it is not a coincidence. The above should read: We are getting sicker because our planet is getting sicker. The need-to-know Nutrient-rich soil provides vital health benefits through the crops it nurtures Depleted soil produces crops that are far less nutritious for us, even if we’re eating … Continue reading Why I’ve found myself obsessed by soil

Creamy toasted pine-nut houmous

On my current gut-rebuild programme, which excludes all grains, chickpeas have taken centre-stage and I’ve been eating houmous with gay abandon only to remember the other day that houmous contains sesame (in the form of tahini) to which, it turns out, I am very intolerant.   I’ve been wanting to make my own houmous in any case, as it’s cheaper and a lot less processed … Continue reading Creamy toasted pine-nut houmous