Chapter 1: Choosing Consciousness

10 Faces of Consciousness Questionnaire – Where do you Score?

Listed below are the 10 faces of consciousness and unconsciousness, as detailed in Chapter 1 of Metamorphosis. I’d like you to consider each one and score yourself out of 10, where 1 means you are utterly unconsciousness in this area, and 10 means you have achieved true enlightenment! 

1. Curiosity

1 = I question nothing about my existence or higher purpose on this earth

10 = I am curious about everything, and I don’t take any of our cultural norms as gospel


2. Purpose

1 = I make short-term decisions and never weigh the longer-term benefits of any actions over short-term pleasure or sacrifice

10 = I have a strong, clear ‘Why’ that propels me through life with great force


3. Vibrancy

1 = I feel constantly numb, and detached from life. I am dependent on my addictions (even if it’s just Neflix-binging) to either fend off emotions or to give me a kick

10 = I feel wonderfully alive every day; I feel youthful and energised


4. Wonder

1 = I never find wonder in nature, humanity, art, or anything else

10 = I see everything in life as wondrous. Wonder is all around me and I am always open to it


5. Proactivity

1 = I just try to get through the day. I react to events; I don’t plan or strategise for my life

10 = I know that I can design whatever life I want. Every day is an opportunity to take the steps I’ve identified as necessary to create my ideal life 


6. Presence

1 = I’m on autopilot the vast majority of the time. I can’t recall big sections of my day. 

10 = I am present to each moment and I don’t obsess over the past or mull the future; I live each moment with all my senses


7. Variety

1 = Every day feels the same to me; I’m just going through the motions

10 = I know that to change my life, I must change myself. I make it a habit to seek out new experiences constantly, so that I can enjoy the absolute maximum that this life has to offer


8. Empathy

1 = Other people, and their feelings or problems, don’t register with me at all

10 = I have strong intuition regarding others and am sensitive to their energy. I don’t take people at face value


9. Empowerment

1 = None of this is my fault. I have so much bad luck in my life; I’ve had a really tough ride

10 = I believe that I am co-creating my life with the universe. I know that everything happens for a reason and that obstacles are lessons. I accept and own all my circumstances


10. Limitlessness

1 = I never think about why I act the way I do; it’s just who I am

10 = I know that I am limitless, because I am a part of the universe. I know that my past doesn’t dictate my present or future. 


If you scored higher than 50 in total, then congratulations! You are generally living life in the light of consciousness and you tend to bring awareness of yourself, your environment, your circumstances, and others, to your daily experience. You feel purposeful and present and you are in alignment with the universe.

If you scored lower than 50, then you may tend towards the feeling that life is passing you by somewhat, that there’s more to life than your current experience. Most of us have periods like this, and we suffer from a vague sense of restlessness or dissatisfaction. If this is how you’re feeling and you’d like to change that, then reading the rest of the book and working through these online exercises as you go will provide a roadmap. Meanwhile, be kind to yourself and know that becoming aware of where you may like to make changes is a great first step.


Resources for Chapter 1

Thrive, Arianna Huffington — A wonderful perspective on how to really live

Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself, Dr Joe Dispenza — This changed my view of my mind and showed me just how limitless we really are

Untethered Soul: The Journey Beyond Yourself, Michael Singer — A level of consciousness to aspire to

The Miracle Morning, Hal Elrod — I now do this every morning. Incredibly inspiring. Elrod writes with great clarity

Letting Go: The Pathway of Surrender, David R Hawkins — I found this book incredibly wise and very eye-opening: it explains human behaviour beautifully and shows us a path away from our basest emotions

Dare to Lead: Brave Work. Tough Conversations. Whole Hearts., Brené Brown — One of my favourite writers in the world and the best teacher on how to embrace your vulnerability

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