5 Things I’ve Learnt This Week: Radical Acceptance, Harvey Weinstein, Morning Practices, Why Knowledge of our Bodies is Power & Self-Publishing

Happy Friday,

Here are 5 things I’ve learnt this week. 

1. I’m reading Radical Acceptance by Tara Brach. I’ve been meaning to read it for a good while and she had me at hello. It should be called Radical Self Acceptance. If, like me and many others, you’ve suffered from feelings of inadequacy or worthlessness, of the need to prove something, of over-identifying with your achievements or judging others based on their achievements, then this book is a balm: it’s Buddhism-based and full of kindness. Brach states that there are 2 interdependent elements to radical acceptance: (1) seeing clearly and (2) holding our experience with compassion. Together, they allow us to be free.

2. I’m learning far more than I’d like about Harvey Weinstein’s proclivities in the book She Said, written by the Pulitzer-prize winning NYT journalists who exposed him, Jodi Cantor and Megan Twohey. It reads like a thriller and the behind-the-scenes struggle to find anyone willing to go on-record is absolutely fascinating. I also highly recommend their interview with Gwyneth Paltrow on the Goop podcast. Paltrow was a key source for them and also hosted a group interview between Kantor, Twohey and many of Weinstein’s victims at her home – I’m told the book ends with this scene. Fascinating reading ahead of his upcoming trial for rape in January.

3. I’ve consolidated what I’ve learnt on morning practices over the past few months in a new blog post that you can read here. I’ve been practicing a lengthy morning routine for 3 months now and I can’t tell you how much it’s improved my life. The practice keeps getting lengthier and the alarm clock is being nudged earlier and earlier! You can read my learnings and top tips from my favourite morning books here. 

4. I’ve learnt how incredibly empowering it is to have full knowledge of what goes on in our bodies. Last week I mentioned that I had discovered some hormone deficiencies for which I’m now receiving treatment. Here’s my blog post on why having detailed knowledge of what is going on inside our bodies is hugely powerful and how it allows us to eliminate the guesswork and optimise our health. 

5. I had a lightbulb moment regarding the route I should take to publish the book I’m writing. I realised that, having run a fashion brand for 8 years that shunned the middle man in favour of going directly to my consumer, it would be craziness to do anything else for a book! Therefore I’ve taken the decision to self-publish which is very exciting for me. It means I keep full control and it also means that I can price the ebook and audiobook very cheaply for my readers. Thank you to everyone who’s given me feedback on my introduction; it has been invaluable!!

Have a great weekend

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