4 Things I Learnt This Week: Brute force learning, feeling good, inflammation & nootropics

4 Things I Learnt This Week – 15th October 2019

1. The power of “brute force learning” – I came across this concept from learning & memory coach Jonathan Levi on Hal Elrod’s podcast (I am consuming tons of Hal’s content at the moment including this amazing book, The Miracle Equation: The Two Decisions That Move Your Biggest Goals from Possible, to Probable, to Inevitable: from the author of The Miracle Morning). It’s a holistic, immersive approach to learning where you use multiple media. So, if I’m learning a language I may do an online course but also use Duolingo, meet with locals, read books, magazines, websites, watch movies, watch YouTube videos and listen to podcasts. It works for anything you want to learn and not only accelerates the learning progress but also deepens understanding and improves your memory of what you’re learning.

2. That it’s good to feel good. I finished Gabrielle Bernstein’s latest book, Super Attractor last week and I absolutely loved it. My favourite 2 lessons / messages from it were (1) when we feel good, not only does it feel great but it’s the best way to align ourselves with the universal flow and manifest what we want. We have to learn to accept and embrace when we feel good, and stop thinking that things are ‘too good to be true’! (2) Stop pushing, start surrendering. I am guiltier than most of pushing hard to control outcomes. It’s exhausting and ineffective. The universe does not respond to manic energy. When you know you’re aligned with the universe you can surrender and enjoy the journey. Surrendering the small stuff is a good way to start building that muscle. You can read my review of Super Attractor here.

3. Inflammation is a spectrum. There’s a new book out from functional doctor Dr Will Cole who I’m a fan of, called The Inflammation Spectrum. While inflammation is an immune response and needed in some measure, too much inflammation can, as we know, trigger a whole host of chronic health problems. Anxiety, stress and fatigue are just as much drivers of inflammation as diet and environmental stressors. His new book has a questionnaire that you can take to see where you fall, with some elimination diets of varying extremity. I haven’t read the book yet but he’s been on the Goop podcast recently (if you’re a guy you may want to check out the Goopfellas podcast which he also co-hosts).

4. I need to start using nootropics – which are cognitive enhancers. Most of us are already users – the big one is caffeine. In Dave Asprey’s Super Human book (which I mentioned last week), he builds on the research into nootropics from his Head Strong book. There are a lot of perfectly legal and safe ways to turn our brains on. I was sadly thwarted in my attempt to get my hands on some Modafinil online – probably because I don’t have narcolepsy which is what is it is most commonly prescribed for! But I do have my mini Niquitine lozenges ready to go for next time I sit down to write my book … I’m working on my brain health using lots of different methods right now but I’m always interested in a quick boost.

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