6 Things I Learnt This Week – 23rd August 2019

This week I learnt …

  • … how to start the day by filling your heart up: A dear friend sent me this Tony Robbins 10-minute breathing exercise / meditation this week and I LOVE it. It’s based on Tony’s morning routine where he visualises some of his happiest memories in great sensory detail. It’s a gorgeous way to start the morning and puts any problems firmly into perspective.
  •  …how much time I spend thinking about money! I’m reading The Energy of Money by Maria Nemeth and it’s fascinating, if uncomfortable, reading. There are many practical exercises in it and I’ve dipped into 2: keeping track of your daily spending to see where ‘wallet leaks’ are, and keeping track of how often you think about money each day. I am equally horrified by how much I spend and how much I think about money (although I may think about it less if my kids were back at school and not asking for presents every time we leave the house). Nemeth’s premise is that the energy of money is closely tied to our goals, integrity and many other inputs. I’m only ¼ of the way through but feeling its impact.
  • … the benefits of Ayurveda. Jasmine Hemsley did a great interview on the Goop podcast and I promptly bought her book, East by West and am working through it. She was drawn to Ayurveda after finding that the trendy 00s diet of salads left her cold (literally; they were not stoking her inner fire, or Agni). Ayurveda is an ancient and far-reaching philosophy and I know I’m late to this party, but I’m keen to learn more, as well as to have my dosha, or mind-body type, diagnosed. Perhaps it will allow me to square my love of comfort food with the nourishment that my ‘nutrivore’ approach requires.
  • … a quick tip that may help with getting to sleep. Safi Bahcall mentioned this on the Tim Ferriss podcast – he has trained in hypnotism. You simply get your brain to conjure up random two-digit numbers, out of sequence. I tried it the other night and it’s effective, simply because the concentration needed requires your brain to turn down the volume of other thoughts.
  • … that you can identify the particular brand of fear that drives you in the Do It Scared ™ cool, 5 minute online test to find out your fear archetype. Apparently am a people-pleaser. No surprise there – I figured this out years ago, but it’s still a big limiting factor for me every day so it’s good to get a reminder of what I need to work on!  
  • … a substantial amount about the afterlife. Laura Lynne Jackson is a psychic medium and her latest book, Signs, is a stunning portrayal of how she sees our departed loved ones communicating with us. The main message is that when they pass, our relationship with them changes but does not end. It’s a marvellously uplifting and reassuring book (not least because she claims we all have a ‘team of light’ – aka guardian angels – who have our backs at all times. If you are curious or unsure about your views on life after death, it may be worth a read. I’ll leave you with a favourite quote from Signs:

“We are all part of the fabric of one another’s lives. We weave a magical tapestry of meaning and love and forgiveness and hope and light with one another. We belong to one another. Our relationships matter greatly here on earth, and they continue past bodily death. Love is the unbreakable tie.”

Have a great weekend!


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