Book Review: Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself by Dr Joe Dispenza

I only review books that have blown my mind, helped me grow and taught me things I couldn’t possibly have figured out for myself.

My reviews are bulleted for easy consumption.

You can read my full notes on this book here.


  • It’s the Law of Attraction explained as quantum physics by a neuroscientist. For those of us who desperately want to believe that the law of attraction is as reliable a force as gravity, this book is what we need!
  • The concept of neuroplasticity is one of the most empowering that I know. The idea that we can change all of our habits and personality traits, should we want to, is life-changing and denies us the luxury of victimhood going forward.
  • When the workings of our body and mind are unveiled through science, they lose their hold over us. Dispenza explains how our bodies release familiar, addictive cocktails of chemicals when we have a familiar emotional reaction (like anger or self-righteousness). Knowing what we’re fighting and why it’s so hard for our conscious mind to overcome our body (+ decades of memorized behaviour, deep in our subconscious) lets us know what we’re up against.
  • The main tenet of the book is that thoughts become things, that our thoughts can create any reality that we want. I’ve read so many books on visualisation but this is the first that really talks me through how to use the science to achieve what I want. Dispenza takes us from an old, Newtonian view of cause-and-effect (I will be happy because I’ve got a new job) to a quantum view (I will focus my thoughts and emotions on learning to feel gratitude for an event that I see clearly but which hasn’t yet happened. From this elevated emotional stance I will send out a message to the quantum field and I will cause this exact job (etc) to manifest into the physical realm.)
  • My lightbulb moment was when Dispenza explains that you have to be able to embody that which you want but haven’t yet received. When you get up from that meditation mat, you have to be a new person, the person who has just got their dream job. You can’t get off the mat and still be the same person who wants but hasn’t got the job. If nothing has changed within you, then you won’t change your circumstances.
  • The book is a good reminder of a key life lesson – if you remain the same person, doing the same things every day, how on earth can you expect to see new and different results showing up in your life? By age 35 your character is pretty much set and you run 95% of the day from your subconscious. Scary stuff. By starting to observe your habitual behaviours / thought patterns / reactions, you can start to access the subconscious and change those behaviours.
  • I loved Dispenza’s explanation for most “mid-life crises”. He argues that there’s a huge gap between the self we show to the world and our hidden, darkers self with its guilt, shame, anger, anxiety, resentments. By mid-life, many of us start to find this gap unbearable and we notice that the external distractions (work, spending, drinking etc) are less and less able to fill that void. BUT if we can start to take each negative emotion and peel away at them through consciousness and meditation, we close the gap between our true selves and what we show to the world. Dispenza’s meditations are focused on working at peeling away these layers over several weeks, before being able to operate from a state of being that will allow us to manifest what we want by channelling new, positive emotions.
  • The bottom line and sad summary of our reality is that most of us define ourselves by our sensory reality which in turn focuses on our body, time, and our environment. If we can find a way to transcend these Big 3 (through flow states, creation, meditation etc) then we can in fact conquer these 3 and harness our energy to create incredible things. This is because material law and quantum law are complete opposites.


If you don’t have time to read the book, enjoy these soundbites! If you do have time, my hope is that these quotes act as an inspiration and motivation to delve deeper.

Your past shortfalls can be traced, at their root, to one major oversight: you haven’t committed yourself to living by the truth that your thoughts have consequences so great that they create your reality.

Thus, everything in our physical reality exists as pure potential. If subatomic particles can exist in an infinite number of possible places simultaneously, we are potentially capable of collapsing into existence an infinite number of possible realities.

The thoughts we think send an electrical signal out into the field. The feelings we generate magnetically draw events back to us. Together, how we think and how we feel produces a state of being, which generates an electromagnetic signature that influences every atom in our world. This should prompt us to ask, What am I broadcasting (consciously or unconsciously) on a daily basis?

I know that it’s frustrating when life seems to produce an endless succession of minor variations on the same negative outcomes. But as long as you stay the same person, as long as your electromagnetic signature remains the same, you can’t expect a new outcome. To change your life is to change your energy—to make an elemental change in your mind and emotions.

If your intentions and desires haven’t produced consistent results, you’ve probably been sending an incoherent, mixed message into the field. You may want wealth, you may think “wealthy” thoughts, but if you feel poor, you aren’t going to attract financial abundance to yourself.

Generally, we are grateful for something that already happened or is already present in our lives. You and I have been conditioned into believing that we need a reason for joy, a motivation to feel gratitude, grounds to be in a state of love. That’s relying on external reality to make us feel different internally; it’s Newton’s model. The new model of reality challenges us, as quantum creators, to change something within us—in mind and body, in our thoughts and feelings—before we can experience the physical evidence with our senses.

Why are you secretly expecting something different to show up in your life, when you think the same thoughts, perform the same actions, and experience the same emotions every single day? Isn’t that the definition of insanity?

The greatest individuals in history were unwaveringly committed to a future destiny without any need for immediate feedback from the environment. It didn’t matter to them if they hadn’t yet received any sensory indication or physical evidence of the change they wanted; they must have reminded themselves daily of the reality they were focused upon. Their minds were ahead of their present environment, because their environment no longer controlled their thinking.

95 percent of who we are by age 35 is a set of involuntary programs, memorized behaviors, and habitual emotional reactions, it follows that 95 percent of our day, we are unconscious.

In the present, all potentials exist simultaneously in the field. When we stay present, when we are “in the moment,” we can move beyond space and time, and we can make any one of those potentials a reality. When we are mired in the past, however, none of those new potentials exist.

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